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Whether its tight tolerances that are required or multiple operations throughout the process, we have the expertise and creativity to meet and exceed your level of production required. 


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Our certified welders can help when it comes to welding and fabrication of your products! Professional welders and beautiful welds.

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Utilizing an EDM process allows for precise cutting while mitigating material distortion. This process may provide a more cost efficient way for you to have your feature or product manufactured. 

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No one likes a bent or twisted product right? Let us fix this for you! Vibratory Stress Relieving is one of the ways to limit the twist and bend in your products, while machining or welding when a great deal of heat may be applied to the product, depending on what type process your part requires. 

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IDI is focused on providing you with your supply chain solution so you can eliminate long lead times. Keep your customers happy, find out how we can help you manage your supply chain. 

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