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OEM Got You Down? We Will Get You Back Up. Keep your customers happy. 
The Problem:

Since late 2020, businesses across the world have suffered in many aspects but especially in the management of their supply chain.

Many businesses that rely on repair parts or even their product being manufactured in another country or even within the USA have found difficulty sourcing their parts and or extremely long lead times. 
Our Solution For YOU: 

IDI quickly identified the issue with the supply chain and has been helping businesses all over to reduce the effects of the supply chain disruptions.

Businesses that we are working with, were waiting up to 6 months to receive their parts from their OEM or old supplier. Where with IDI, we were provide their order within just 3 weeks!  

How have we done this?​
  • Working with businesses to obtain drawings, create drawings or reverse engineer their repair parts or products so that IDI can manufacture them. 
  • Creating contingency plans for the supplies it takes to make your parts. 
  • Understanding the short term and long term volume of work from our customers so IDI can stock those items to complete your products on time. 
  • Provide quality conforming parts to eliminate the risk of rejection by the customer, thus adding to the lead time for receiving a conforming part. 
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